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The Equalizer 2, the first sequel of Denzel Washington’s career

Denzel has given best acting performance near about 50 movies in his career. However, great star has recently signed his first sequel of his marvelous acting career. According to critics, Equalizer had just killed the movie career of Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington and others said, he shouldn’t had to work director Antoine Fuqua again but these critics must remember that Washington won Oscar for Fuqua’s directed movie “Training Day”.  

But in my opinion, Washington’s performance in Equalizer was fantastic but there was also some loopholes that are reason of its failure. According to film gurus, in Equalizer 2 crew, director and actors will try to overcome all mistakes that they did in first part to make movie more successful and to get more finance in the form of profit.

Distinct sources confirm that Washington would be the sequel of Equalizer and movie will hit the cinemas at 29 September, 2017. The producer of Equalizer Todd Black says, Richard Wenk who wrote scripts for Equalizer will also with them in Part 2 however, Equalizer 2 will come with many new stars and thrills. 

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