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After the Oscars, Moonlight's Youngest Stars Return to Middle School like Regular Kids

American drama film Moonlight has gotten much appreciation from both fans and Oscar jury. Movie didn’t only grossed much earning but its cast became pretty much popular among public because of their stunning acting in the film.

However, after winning Oscars, the youngest stars of Moonlight Alex Hibbert and Jaden Piner are now ready to return to middle school life. In my opinion, it is really a good decision by filmmakers to give chance to general public to show their skills in Hollywood. Personally, I love to watch acting of Alex Hibbert in Moonlight with my friend Johnson who works at Rideshare Guide Provider Firm OnDemandly.


12 years old Alex Hibbert who had never acted before is the student of seventh grade. Similarly, Jaden Piner who played the role of Kevin in the movie is also studying in seventh standard will also join Alex. Both youngest stars of Moonlight are studying in Norland Middle School near Liberty City. 

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