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Call Southeast  Craft  Services for all of your Crafty needs.  770-990-5493

 denisenashcrafty@gmail.com                                                                                           www.southeastcraftservices.com  


  • Sensitive to all dietary needs           
  • Experienced serving large groups
  • Creative, Enthusiastic and very Organized
  • Budget Conscious



Craft Service and Catering Manager November 2011 Atlanta, GA

"Slow Down Atlanta" Pilot

Directed by - David Bruckner

Cast and Crew total of 35

Craft Service Manager September 2011-October 2011 Los Angeles, CA

"Amazing Love" Feature Film

Directed by - Kevin Downes  Starring, Sean Astin and Patty Duke

Cast and Crew of  50

Catering and Craft Services Manager July 2011 – August 2011   Atlanta, GA

“Design Wars”  HGTV - Cineflix

 Directed by David Baines

Cast and Crew total up to 35


Catering and Craft Services Manager June 2011 – July 2011         Atlanta, GA

“Fun World”  Short Film

Directed by Barry Mills

Cast and Crew total up to 50


Catering and Craft Services Manager May 2011 – June 2011  Savannah, GA

“Crackerjack”  Feature Film

Directed by Bryan Coley Executive Producer, Jeff Foxworthy

Cast and Crew total up to 250


Craft Services                                        May 2011                        Atlanta, GA

 “I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through” Musical

Directed by Brandin Jay 

Cast and Crew up to 25  


Denise did am amazing job for our film 'Amazing Love'. She found creative ways of keeping our costs down while providing craft service and walk away meals for our cast and crew. She was a pleasure to work with and I would hire her again any chance I get.

Daryl Lefever
'Amazing Love'

An intense production has high demands for an efficient and effective catering manager / craft services. Denise Evans gave an outstanding service to the highest level, making sure that the crew were kept happy with craft and meals from call to wrap, with a smile and positive attitude throughout. I can honestly say her services were an asset to the production, and help make a positive place to do long and demanding days. I without doubt would do my best to ensure her services wherever possible on future productions I was working on, and would strongly recommend her.

Angus Ellis
Field Director
'Design Wars' - Cineflix

“I had the pleasure of working with Denise Nash on a short, independent film I directed this year. Simply put, crafty is her specialty. She is resourceful, knowledgeable and capable of working within a budget. She has a great personality and a can-do attitude. She’s definitely a valuable asset to have on any shoot.”
Barry Mills
Creative Director, Owner
Sheila Green Productions

“We love Denise! She put special touches on everything and exceeded our expectations. She brings a new creativity and fresh approach to craft services. That’s no easy job in the 98 degree Savannah heat with sand gnats and mosquito's circling – an endless supply of cold water and good food was vital and she delivered every single day. Did I mention 3:00 am 1st meals served hot and on time. With a smile? She impressed us daily! We can’t wait to work with her again!”
Bryan Coley

“Denise was a savior on the Fun World pilot we shot early this summer. Hiring her was the best decision I made. We had an extremely tight budget with many mouths to feed and long hours looming ahead of us. Not one to be intimidated by a budget, Denise came up with inventive ways to cut corners and stretch the money we had. She kept close track of all dietary needs of cast and crew. I was also extremely impressed with her negotiating skills and ability to bargain with local vendors to bring costs down. Best of all, her meals are served up with a warm personality and great sense of humor. I highly recommend her for your production.”
Julie Mills
Executive Producer

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